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Jessie Mangrubang About Me! Introduction

About Me & Create Creative Mindset

Art and the practice of creativity has been a consistent place of peace, strength, and stability for me. As a child, I worked tirelessly to create the most elaborate forts within the trees and bushes near our home. Throughout school, I used my love for creating to build my self-worth. In college, I pushed my abilities further than I ever thought possible. Through the transitions of the military life, creativity has been my constant. I am at my best when I am in a creative mindset.

(This is my mom and I next to am oil painting of her I painted my last year of college. She was about my age when this photo of her was taken. I am the 4" taller version of her!)

I have worked in several mediums, but silversmithing, wood turning, and painting are where I have found the most happiness and joy. Not all these art forms came naturally, some feel like breathing and others are constant practice and hard work. Even with those challenges, when I am creating my mind is free and my mind thrives. Most of my current work is a mix of Alcohol Ink and other mediums on canvas. I also enjoy seeing the beauty in forgotten furniture, giving them a new life with updates and modifications that would fit any space.

(Confession time!) 

Painting does not come naturally to me! It is a craft that takes dedication and practice. I have combined painting with my all time favorite method of creating, jewelry making! While my jewelry creations are different than they used to be, I am incredibly proud of what I am creating now! 

Alcohol ink jewelry

I am originally from Washington state. I grew up in Bonney Lake and went to college at Central Washington University. In 2014 the military brought my husband, myself, and our cat Legs to North Carolina. We quickly came to love calling the Sandhill’s area home. In 2017 we welcomed our darling, spunky, adventurous daughter to the world. In true military fashion, we have recently moved to South Carolina (thankfully not far this time!).

I look forward to sharing more about my art and how I create wearable jewelry with it!

Alcohol Ink abstract artist posing infront of her paintings

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