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Create Creative Mindset

MANTRA Collection - Positive Energy

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The MANTRA Collection

I believe that the jewelry we wear should have meaning. It allows us to share more about ourselves and our personality! Sometimes the most important pieces we wear are the ones that lift and encourage our spirits, heart, and mind. 


This is why I created the Create Creative Mindset MANTRA Collection.  These pieces are meant to that daily reminder on how truly strong and wonderful you are!


Positive Energy
Red symbolizes passion, adventure, and power. Each of these one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry are meant to bring those attributes to the owners daily life.

Stud/Art size
The stud/art size of this pair of earrings is the largest size at 20MM in diameter.

The base metal of each piece of jewelry is Stainless Steel. All gold and bright silver earrings are plated. 

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