EVA Collection - 3
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EVA Collection - 3

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The EVA Collection

When I see my daughter, I am inspired. Inspired by the creativity in her brain and soul. She has brought me back to my creativity. I love that she wants to be involved in all my creative projects, she is seeing firsthand that creativity is not "one size fits all" and it truly feeds your soul.  

EVA painted this painting especially for this collection. She picked pink (her favorite color) and blue inks. Eva used paintbrushes and a putty scraper to move the inks on translucent Yupo paper. Once the painting was cut and transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, you can see how the use of translucent paper gave the painting pieces a soft and delicate feel. I am so proud of her creation and we cannot wait to share pieces of it with you!

Stud/Art size
The stud/art size of this pair of earrings are 12MM and 16MM in diameter.

The base metal of each piece of jewelry is Stainless Steel. All gold and bright silver earrings are plated.