The Support Collection - Troops Edition

The Support Collection - Troops Edition

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The Support Collection - Troops Edition

Those who have served in our country's military show us the deepest meaning of working together to protect the land they call home. There are many ways to show support for those who serve. I have found one of the best ways to support those currently serving and those who have served is by supporting organizations that are designed specifically for them.


This is why I created the Create Creative Mindset Support Collection - Troops Edition, where 50% of the proceeds from each piece sold will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project. You can find their mission here:

Stud/Art size
The stud/art size of this pair of earrings is the largest size at 20MM in diameter.

The base metal of each piece of jewelry is Stainless Steel. All gold and bright silver earrings are plated. Support Ribbon is stainless steel no matter the setting color.